The CDO Soccer Club will play 6v6 for In-House games.


  • Energetic workouts due to playing both offense and defense.
  • More efficient use of field space.
  • Matches can be played simultaneously across a full size field.
  • Children are physically more efficient in smaller space.
  • Children are actively involved for a longer period of time.
  • It takes less time to score a goal or advance to goal.
  • Greater success rate for the players.

The smaller number of field players provides the opportunity for children to further develop their physical and technical abilities. These are valuable traits for all soccer players to develop.

With fewer players on the field each child has an increased number of contacts with the ball and has more actual playing time. Additionally the players are required to make more decisions and experience repeating game situations more frequently. The work rate and involvement of players is more consistent. While learning both offense and defense, players will become well rounded and will understand more readily the roles and importance of teammates. The need for the players to make the mental and physical transition from offense to defense and vice-versa is greatly enhanced in this playing environment.

Why aren’t the Coaches Coaching?

Coaching will be kept to a minimum during play.  Coaches are not going to be giving out continuous instructions during the match - this is not about micro managing the players.  Players need to be allowed to experiment and make mistakes on their own.  Decision making by players on the field is integral to the learning process.  

The coaches will encourage the players to apply what they have learned by giving them specific goals based upon training topics. For example beating opponents in 1v1 situations. Parents are encouraged to be aware of what the focus topic of the day is so they know what to expect.