Welcome to the CDO Player Pool for U9 & U10 players. If you are looking for time/location of your son or daughter’s game this coming weekend, look under the ‘Rosters’ tab at the top of the page. To see the full list of dates for the in house season, click on the ‘Schedules’ tab.

Last year CDO Soccer Club was the only organization to require all U9-U10 players to play 6v6 both in house and in the PCJSL pilot program. The benefits of small sided play are well documented, but sometimes get lost in the rush for some to try and play the 11v11 version of the game, which is for adults on a field sized as such!

Smaller sided games are simply a game played to scale.


  • More contact time with the ball, 11v11 has twice as many field players as 6v6!
  • Players have more technical and tactical challenges by playing in a smaller space.
  • More opportunities to attack and defend, faster development through greater numbers of repetitions in all aspects of play.
  • Players are always involved in the game, also improving levels of concentration.

Why aren’t the Coaches Coaching?

Coaching will be kept to a minimum during play.  Coaches are not going to be giving out continuous instructions during the match – this is not about micro managing the players.

Players need to be allowed to experiment and make mistakes on their own.  Decision making by players on the field is integral to the learning process.

The coaches will encourage the players to apply what they have learned by giving them specific goals based upon training topics; for example, beating opponents in 1v1 situations. Parents are encouraged to be aware of what the focus topic of the day is so they know what to expect.